Second Student-Protester Tribunal at Concordia Set for Feb. 9

The upcoming tribunal is for political science professor Michael Lipson and the 17 student-protesters he charged for disrupting his class on April 1, 2015.

  • ASFA: Real Change Is On The Way

    Concordia’s Arts and Science Federation is restructuring their model.

    A proposal to restructure the federation was approved at a special council meeting on Thursday in an attempt to combat the “toxic atmosphere” staining its reputation.

  • The Saga Continues

    CSU Announces Reggie’s to Become a Solidarity Co-operative

    Concordia’s student bar, Reggie’s, is turning into a solidarity co-operative.

  • Parent Says Police Overstepped Boundaries

    Montreal Police Filmed in Incident Involving Father and Child with Autism

    Two weeks ago, 5-year-old Charlotte went to the dentist. Her mouth was frozen after the morning appointment, meaning she couldn’t eat food for about an hour or so.

  • Just a Little Extra

    Delving Into Café X’s New Beginnings

    Café X oversees a series of internal overhauls to help pull the student-run not-for-profit out of debt.

  • A Look at Concordia’s New First Peoples Studies Member Association

    The department has created their own student association, and approximately 30 out of its 44 students voted to elect their representatives.

  • 400 Tech Industry Hopefuls Hack Concordia

    Around 400 tech and engineering students from across Canada and the United States gathered at Concordia last weekend to participate in ConU Hacks, HackConcordia’s first iteration of a hackathon.

  • CSU Daycare Moves into Design Phase

    Council of the Concordia Student Union Approves Motion to Fund Architectural Plans

    Development of the new Concordia Student Union Daycare and Nursery is moving forward with an injection of $20,500 after council approved a motion to fund and prepare the architectural design.

  • ASFA Restructuring Proposal Approved

    Council Voted to Make Changes to the Concordia Student Association’s Executive Structure and Purpose

    Real change is in the works for the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA).

  • Waging War Against The Minimum

    A Fight to Raise Minimum Wage in Montreal

    The Fifteen and Fair campaign at McGill is demanding that the university institute a $15 minimum wage for all its workers, adjusted to inflation.

  • Warding Off Winter Woes

    Natural Remedies as Alternatives for Cold and Flu Season

    Often overlooked are the amazing preventative properties of certain natural remedies, which come without the unwanted side effects pharmaceutical drugs can incur.